Paint Brushes


Transitioning and reinventing ourselves during this uncertain time into a community art maker space where we can build and make just about anything.

Contact us, or better yet, come see for yourself.


Art is Action

While practicing our holistic lifestyle, we have discovered ART! In all it's forms and we are busy as bees producing one of a kind items for you home, your friends, your life. We find that when working with our hands in anything, the dirt, paint, wood working, sewing - it makes us feel alive and present to the moment. Some of our pieces are reflections of need - of peace and love - some are just for fun - and all are made with intention and love. Here is a sneak preview of the items we are creating for you. If you see something you like, please send us an email or connect with us on social media. These items will be for sale in our online market - and all are custom made per order - so if you have any specific additions or request we can usually accommodate them. Have fun - and don't forget to PLAY today!

Memberships + Donations

Check back for latest updates on all our workshops for 2021.

Art Classes + Workshops

Check back for latest updates on all our workshops for 2021.



Private sessions - please call Frank to set one up for you

Cost: Donation is appreciated

Life a little crazy and looking for a way to shut down and quiet those voices? With guidance from someone with a lifetime of meditation experience, you too can use these techniques at any time in your life when it gets too much to handle.

Based on the 8 fold path of the Buddha teachings, Frank talks with you about what it means to meditate, how it feels to meditate and teaches you how to meditate.






Workshops & Classes

DIY IMMUNE BOOSTING Apothecary Workshop


Ayurvedic Dinner Events

Food is Medicine, according to Ayurveda and we firmly believe that. In these dinner events, we teach you some basic recipes to make at home, and share with your family. We chop, dice, simmer and sauté our dinner together and then enjoy the bounty we have just created. We do our best to have these dinners seasonally so we stress the importance of eating local and seasonally. Check our Facebook business page for upcoming dinner events.

Open Makers Studio for Community

NEW INFO about times and memberships etc...

Henna Workshops

The beautiful art of Henna comes alive with these DIY workshops. Learn how to apply it safely to yourself and others, while have a little fun. We provide designs and henna stain, you just show up. Keep tabs on our Facebook business page for current events.

Community Education

From time to time we hold education classes of our own. Whether it be on Essential Oils or The Art of Living through Ayurveda, Lymphatic Cleansing Workshops, Creating Vision Boards or How to Destress the Workplace - we love educating the community. These are intended to provide a glimpse into all the original and holistic approaches to healthcare that have been around for centuries. Our Facebook business page will have current events.

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