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Browse our services and products for something that will contribute to your overall health and well being, or that of a loved one. If you do not see something we offer, please call us and we will be happy to work with you.
Our services are with highly trained and experienced holistic practitioners.
Our products are made with the best possible organic and natural ingredients to be found. We do custom orders for specific skin type,
please contact us if this interests you.

Our Little Shop

Gift Appointments

In order to serve our patients better, we are offering Gift Appointments in lieu of gift certificates.


You work hard for your money and our way of honoring that is to be sure the recipient actually

uses the gift you purchase. When you purchase a Gift Appointment, we give you a certificate,

as usual, but we include on that certificate a date and time for the appointment - and will

schedule as best we can according to their schedule -  within 3 months of the purchase. 


If the time and day does not work well, the recipient must call us 48hrs before the

session in order to reschedule and remain in good standing.

Various dollar mounts can be available,

please call us to place an order, 814-596-1004.

We can take payment info over the phone and email or snail mail a gift appointment card to the recipient.

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