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We take our roles in the community as healthcare providers very seriously and our policies are in place to safeguard those who are serious about their health.



Hello. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for showing up today for your appointment. We are very grateful, as a small business, that you have honored yourself with good health and with your trust in us. We will continue to provide stellar service and exceptional care each and every time you honor your commitment when making an appointment. We struggle with reminders, and we do our best to get one out to each of you, but not having reception assistance can make it difficult. For that, we apologize. But, hey, we are all adults, please keep track of your appointment.


As a reminder for you, our policies on late, no show/missed appointments, gift appointments and cancellations are as follows:


• Arrival. We ask you always arrive 5-10min before each and every session you have with us, so you can settle in, and allow time for your session to begin. Arriving at the exact time of your appointment will most likely mean you will receive a shortened massage session, as we have other appointments after yours. If you are a new patient, coming early for paperwork is mandatory. If you arrive more than 10minutes late, we cannot provide service and you will need to be rescheduled.


• All cancellations need to be phoned in - no email, no facebook - at least 48hrs in advance to avoid 

being charged full price for the scheduled missed. We rarely can fill your spot the same day.


• Respect. Our no show policy is such that if you “forget” you have an appointment with us, decide you just aren’t showing up that day or for any other reason other than you limbs have fallen off or you have a serious family emergency, you will be charged the full amount of your session. Failure to not show up - tells us outright,  “Your time is not as valuable as mine.” A credit card will also be required to hold any future appointments, should you choose to make a new one. Based on the amount of no-shows we have had lately we are very strict with this policy and will make little to no exceptions. We spend time before each session preparing, physically, emotionally and spiritually for you - we hold you accountable to that time and the space we create for you each and every time you come to us. We all have cell phones, please just call us if you don’t want to come in, at least 48hrs in advance. It’s a matter of respect.


• Prepaid Gift Appointments. If you fail to read the gift card about the date we have selected (or how to change it - and called us to do so) and do not show up for this gift of health, the gift appointment is no longer valid. Period. There will be no exceptions, and the person who purchased it will be out the cash and you will be out an amazing experience. There will be no exceptions.


Givers need to set limits because takers rarely do. Thank you for understanding.




We will get through this. Together.

We will rise stronger and better than before.

We are still here for you - reach out if you need ANYTHING.

Please stay home and stay close to those you love.

We are practicing patience, peace, love and joy and wish you the very best in health and safety.

We will return and you will be the first to know.

All our love,

Donnia, Frank & Roscoe

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