We practice working with, for and in our community to promote health and wellness. Hosting events, education, classes - we provide people with a much needed positive influence for living a better life.

University of Pittsburgh at Bradford - Zen Zone

For the past 5 years, we have been honored to work with the students at the University of Pittsburgh, Bradford Campus, to destress during finals week. Every Spring and Winter Semester, during finals week, we provide free massage therapy for over 120 students during a 3 day event. Our relationship with the UPITT community has elevated our profession and our standing in the community as serious massage therapists, who provide top-notch service and compassionate care for every single person that comes across our table.

Holistic Herbal Remedy Workshops

In these workshops, we make a variety of family-safe remedies to get well, stay well and live well. Everything from Immune booster honey mixture with echinacea, licorice bark and ginger, healing salve (aka neosporin), lip balms, and cayenne pepper muscle rub. These are usually each season and are open to the public for a fee. We provide all the necessary organic and natural ingredients and containers for the wonderful remedies you create. Check out our Facebook business page for our events and how to sign up.

Ayurvedic Dinner Events

Food is Medicine, according to Ayurveda and we firmly believe that. In these dinner events, we teach you some basic recipes to make at home, and share with your family. We chop, dice, simmer and sauté our dinner together and then enjoy the bounty we have just created. We do our best to have these dinners seasonally so we stress the importance of eating local and seasonally. Check our Facebook business page for upcoming dinner events.

Continuing Education for Massage Therapists

Every two years, when we need to renew our license, we must provide 24 continuing education credit hours to the State Board of Massage Therapy. We live in a remote area and the cost of driving to Pittsburgh for a weekend, with hotels and food and the class can be a hardship. We have space to hold students and tables for one-two- or three day intensive training classes. If you are an instructor, please call us to discuss what you have to offer. If you are a Massage Therapist in Northwest PA or Western New York, check our business Facebook page for all current events and classes.

Henna Workshops

The beautiful art of Henna comes alive with these DIY workshops. Learn how to apply it safely to yourself and others, while have a little fun. We provide designs and henna stain, you just show up. Keep tabs on our Facebook business page for current events.

Community Education

From time to time we hold education classes of our own. Whether it be on essential oils or The Art of Living through Ayurveda, Creating Vision Boards or How to Destress the Workplace. These are intended to provide the community a glimpse into all the original and holistic approaches to healthcare that has been around for centuries. Our Facebook business page will have current events.


“Beautiful facility, clean and relaxing. The therapeutic massages are amazing and healing. I had my first Ayvrvedic face purification treatment today. Talk about a fabulous relaxing treat!! I feel fabulous and highly recommend Sacred Spaces Holistic Center ☆☆☆☆☆”

— Tammy

“Amazing! From the moment I set foot inside I felt I was swept away. The atmosphere, the aroma, and the skill was a treasure. Thank you.”

— Amber

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